We act in accordance with the terms of law, in fact, in the Italian territory the job of insurance surveyor is currently regulated by Legislative Decree 209/2005 (Private Insurance Code), and previously by Law 166/1992, both requiring the registration to the Role for those professionally performing assessment and estimate of damages to property resulting from accident caused by the circulation, by theft or the fire of motor vehicles or boats, subject to obligatory insurance of third party liability.

We provide a complete service on the entire range of vehicles , with a specialization on the industrial vehicles, high-end range and racing vehicles.

We carry out the estimate and evaluation of the damages including, where necessary and as often happens to industrial vehicles and custom-built, also related repair works, even if spread over different contractors throughout the Italian territory, in order to prevent submitting incomplete estimate of repairs, with consequent unavoidable complications in the management of the claim.

We are able to perform the estimate and evaluation of the commercial value of vehicles, including special industrial equipment, namely vehicles for which the correct estimate is difficult due to the lack of specific market reports.

Estimates of the commercial value of industrial and special vehicles or high-end cars, are necessary in case of theft or total loss, for the assessing the cost-effectiveness of the repairs, but are useful and appreciated also in the process of risk-taking, thus performing a proper insurance coverage and avoiding unpleasant subsequent discussions among the parties to the contracts. This service is therefore suitable for insurers and brokers, but at the same time, also for the owners of the single vehicle or large fleets, consortia, cooperatives.

In case of theft, we are even able to carry out investigations concerning, where possible, the matching of the keys to the vehicle.



Insurance adjusters

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