The commodity field is vast and varied, and requires experience on several subjects, professionalism and dynamism to deal with the various issues that may occur.
Our company is able to provide a quality, reliable and accurate service, in a timely manner, acting directly on site, with the purpose of properly determine cause and extent of the damages, and to act in the best possible way to contain resolution times and the extent of the damages, without prejudice the right of compensation of our clients.
Where necessary, and in order to promptly resolve the claim and to get the most profit for the benefit of the cargo owner and/or insurers, we arrange salvage sales of distressed/ damaged/ abandoned cargoes and finalize the sale.
We act promptly, in an open manner and independently manner, keeping in touch with all involved parties, continually liaising with all parties, strictly without prejudicing the rights of our clients.
Thanks to the experienced and professional staff, we are able to grant high quality services, acting at the different logistic stages, in the sea, land and air sectors, with inspections in the port areas (staff with access to all Italian port areas), on board the vessels, terminals, railway stations, warehouse etc., for any type of cargoes and the handling of complaints.
We act for many clients for the interest of Italian and foreign Insurance companies, claims agents, P&I Clubs, local correspondents of Lloyd’s - London, agents, brokers, shippers, suppliers, finale receivers and traders, but also as consultant for Lawyers, Courts etc.
Over the years, we established a good work relationship with trustworthy cooperators throughout Italy, with whom we have the opportunity of expanding our capacity of action.
Some of our areas of intervention are listed below:

  • steel products, coils, strips, plates, rebars, wire rods, pipes
  • iron, scraps and by-products
  • bulky, containerized, palletized, bagged, in drums, packed cargoes, etc.
  • project cargoes, oversize, heavy lifts
  • cereals, corn, grain, beans, spices
  • fertilizers
  • timber
  • perishables, foodstuffs (i.e. meat, fisch etc.)
  • fresh fruits, vegetables, plants, flowers
  • controlled temperature, frozen, refrigerated cargoes
  • leathers, textiles
  • paper, woodpulp, cellulose, derivatives
  • chemical products
  • glass (large sheets), marble blocks, building products, etc.
  • Investigations on theft, robbery, fire of transported cargoes


  • checking and assistance to the cargo handling, loading and unloading (loading and discharging survey)
  • assistance to the recovery of goods and vehicles as a result of road accidents or other
  • tally and measurements
  • sampling
  • control and suitability of cargo lashing, securing and stowage
  • suitability of containers, warehouses
  • pre-loading/loading and pre-discharging Surveys
  • hold’s suitability
  • Cargo measurement and counting (Tally)
  • Draft Survey
  • Bunker Survey




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