About us


SANDRO CEDOLINI SRL is a company of independent surveyors mainly operating in the insurance, marine and cargo sectors.
We are available to attend everywhere throughout Italy – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
We provide an early response and effective claim management, in order to duly determine cause and extent of the damages, as well as in the prevention of damages.
Our services are intended for insurers and all commercial entities that become part of the supply of the commodity and the transport branch. With regard to vehicles and boats, particularly heavy vehicles, the service is intended for the Owners, larger fleets, leases, etc.


The company SANDRO CEDOLINI SRL – Marine & Cargo Surveyors and Consultants, based in Spinea (Venice, Italy), was founded by Mr. Sandro Cedolini, who started the activity in 1962 as surveyor specialized in the transport branch, carrying out inspections, investigations, checking and controls, with damage estimates and intervention for the prevention of damages, mainly in the Adriatic ports, including Koper and Rijeka.
The main cargoes subjected to inspections were steel products, cereals, various milling products, fresh fruits and vegetable, spices, fresh and frozen fish and meat, glass, marble and granites, timber and products, cotton and vegetable fibber in general, paper, cellulose and similar, machinery and general cargoes.
Since the nineties, with the cooperation of his son, Alberto Cedolini, graduated in Industrial Chemistry, registered with the Venice Chemist Association and the Chamber of Commerce and member of the Italian Insurance Surveyors National Association and A.I.Per.T. – Italian association of transport branch surveyors, the business expanded including inspections and consultancy on chemical products, also issues related to “products liability” as well as on damages to vehicles, specializing on industrial vehicles (trucks, tractors, trailers, reefers, etc.), top cars (including race cars), crafts and boats, thus becoming a trustworthy surveyor of Scania Finance Italy Spa for the entire Italian territory.
The company expanded the ability of working with suitable staff able to communicate and draw technical reports in several languages, such as Italian, English, German and French. If required, we are able to deliver reports sworn in the Court.
The cooperation with other experienced surveyors in Italy and abroad contributed to strengthen the company’s skills.